Futsal Information 

Registration Coming Soon!

Monday’s 5 and 6-year-olds (mixed): 4- 5 pm – begins Monday, 6 August 2018

Tuesday’s Mixed Girls and Boys (ages 7 to 17):  – between 4 – 9 pm – exact times will be determined by registration – we will start with the youngest age groups.  – begins, Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Game information

Players will be on the same team and play at the same time each week.

Team managers for teams are listed at the bottom of each team.

If team managers could manage subs during the games, that would be appreciated.

For any team without managers, please if you could help with the substitutions on a game day, that would be appreciated.

Game times depend on age. Youngest players play in the earlier time slots. Details of what times a player and which teams will be communicated prior to the first game via email.

Teams have been set up with the intention of trying to make all teams fair and equal; there may be some adjustments in the first few weeks if it becomes apparent this is not the case.

Be mindful that this isn’t the world cup and the aim is for all the players to have a good experience.

Playing equipment

Shin pads and shoes with non-marking soles are compulsory.

2018 Junior Season

The First Game is in Cromwell.  The link to the draw is as follows:


You will be provided with a QAFC jersey that must be returned at the end of the season and you need to wear your own club black Adidas shorts and socks.  The club black shorts and socks will be available again for purchase at our next home day on Sunday, 15 April. Shorts are $30 and socks are $15 – payable by cash only.

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 11

First Kicks/U6 – The training sessions for the U6s take place every Saturday from 10am to 11am at the Events Centre on the pitch next to the cricket nets. The first training session for the U6’s is the 7th of April. Information on the optional Sunday games will be provided on the Saturday’s prior to the scheduled game.  

Please note that QAFC has a new bank account, details as follows:  ASB 12-3657-0002338-00

Payment options for the Junior Season are as follows: By Credit Card – log in to your MyComet account using your child’s MyComet number and password to pay – https://mycomet-oceania.analyticom.de/en/login

By Electronic Bank Transfer – you can pay directly in to the above account number. Please note if you choose this option, you only pay $105 per child ($80 for 5-6year olds) and do not include the transaction fee. Please use your child’s name as a reference.

*Please note all registration fees are non-refundable as of 14 of March.  Prior to the 14th of March, we will charge a $25 admin fee.







2018 Seniors Season

QAFC will be fielding a Men’s Premier Team and Women’s Premier Team (Otago League).  There will also be a Men’s 2nd team (League TBC).  For more information on the joining the clubs men’s or women’s team, please contact us at info@queenstownfootball.com.

Registration for the Senior season is now open. Please read the following information carefully as it is a new system.

If you have ever registered with a NZ Football Club (QAFC or other) you should have received an email with a username and password from NZ Football to register with the new Comet registration system. If not, NZ Football has developed MyCOMET Lookup, a self-service lookup to help members obtain their MyCOMET login credentials!

Please click on the MyCOMET Lookup self-service link below. Please note when using the MyCOMET Lookup service and members find that their details are incorrect, an automated email will be sent to the Federation where they can provide further assistance to the member.

MyComet User Look-up

If you have your username and password or you are certain you are certain you do not already have an account, please click on the link below to register.

Register for Senior Football

For more information on registering you can also click the link below:

MyComent Registration Help




Summer 6’s

Registration is now closed for Summer 6s.  Timings are still listed below for your information.

Summer 6s: Field 4 – The Events Centre

5-6yrs 3.45pm – 4.30pm
7-14yrs 4.45pm – 5.30pm

Cost – $50
Start date: 20th February







Player Development School (PDS)

Registration for PDS is now closed.  Timings are still listed below for your information.

Player Development School: The Events Centre
9-10yrs 4.00pm – 5.00pm
11-13yrs 5.00pm – 6.00pm
Registration will be live on our website next week
Cost: $100
Start date: 23rd February






FTC is the NZ Football Talent Centre for players at a generally higher level who have aspirations to play for NZ. For more information on the NZ Football “Whole of Football” plan for youth and juniors, please click the following link 
To be considered for the Queenstown FTC programme, please email Jamie Whitmarsh at info@queenstownfootball.com
Football Talent Centre: Field 6 – The Events Centre
All existing players will be accepted automatically.  Please contact the club if you would like further information.
Cost: $85 per term
Start date: 21st February
5:00 – 6:00


NZ Football Comet Registration System Help

All players who have ever played for a NZ Football Club (QAFC or other) have been transferred by NZ football to the Comet registration system.  NZ football has sent an email to all registered players with their username and password.

If you cannot find the email from no-reply@NZFootball.co.nz (please check your spam or junk mail as well) with your username and password, there are two ways you can get your username and password.

(1)   NZ Football has developed MyCOMET Lookup, a self-service lookup to help members obtain their MyCOMET login credentials.  To access this lookup, click on the following link (yes, it is hard to edit the birthdate but follow the directions and it does work).  MyComet User Look-up

(2)  The tab below “Comet Username Database” has a list of registered users for QAFC. Login into https://mycomet-         oceania.analyticom.de/en/login with your username and indicate that you have forgotten your password and follow the directions to reset your password.

If you are a new player for QAFC and your name is not listed in the database, you can sign-up as a new user.  Please do not create a new user if you are listed below as creating duplicate record need to be resolved by NZ football.

If you still need help with registration, you can go to the link below and/or contact the club:

My Comet Registration Help


Comet Username Database

All players who have ever played for the Queenstown football club have been transferred to the Comet registration system.  NZ football has sent an email to all registered players with their username and password.

If you can not find the email from no-reply@NZFootball.co.nz (please check your spam or junk mail as well) with your username and password, below is a list of registered users. Login into https://mycomet-oceania.analyticom.de/en/login with your username and indicate that you have forgotten your password.  If you still have problems, contact the club.

If your name is not listed below, you can sign-up as a new user.  Do not create a new user if you are listed below as creating duplicate record need to be resolved by NZ football.

Your username is the 7 digit number starting with 1.

Last Name                       First Name                   Username

Abbiss Zoe 1453114
Adamson Will 1541701
Aggerholm Kassian 1436274
Aguilar Benjamin 1379479
Aguilar Henry 1379528
Aitken Anna 1543212
Aitken Jack 1544157
Aitken Sophie 1371599
Akiyama Maito 1544575
Allan Hugo 1476279
Allen Harry Timothy King 1496911
Allen Louis Thomas Richard 1496918
Almog Finn 1557036
Amendolia Bodhi Vincenzo 1370050
Andersn Jayden 1379153
Anderson Elsie 1364886
anderson finlay 1549279
Anderson Leo 1379160
Anderson Luca 1379077
Andrews Logan 1453175
Ansell Zoe 1407482
Anstiss Logan 1525787
Anstiss Troy 1525794
Apse George 1548249
Araujo Cervieri Pietro 1383851
Archibald Francesca 1406921
Arhanic Sofie 1539636
Arnold Austyn 1449301
Attenborough Matthew 1434484
Ayoub Jacob 1379436
Bailey Oliver 1500102
Bailey Tom 1500366
Baker Benjamin 1370181
Baker Dilan 1432395
Balfour Greta 1540603
Balfour William 1371126
Bamber Jack 1370502
Banks Brodie 1449917
Banks Coen 1542603
Bartlett William 1382867
Battaglia Romeo 1407573
Battrick Oliver 1422631
Beale Gareth 1391060
Bell Zac 1368680
Bewley Hayden 1542879
Bibby Jack 1383996
Bijl Luke 1511076
Billoud Loic 1542837
Billoud Sylvio 1440011
Bird Isaac 1549301
Bird Jaden 1367100
Bisset Emily 1370252
Bisset Olivia 1499707
Bjorck Franco 1380678
Bjorck Marco 1380837
Bjorck Mateo 1380843
Bjorck Paulo 1478532
Bjorck Paulo 1546672
Blackbourn Finn 1378772
Blackbourn Max 1379174
Blackbourn Zak 1447214
Blair Stanley 1383614
Blakeley Benjamin 1473230
Blakey Oliver 1450290
Bocatios Danniel 1396619
Bodie-Healy Edward 1415442
Bodie-Healy Peter 1443501
Bogue Hugo 1487061
Bollinger Jimmy 1548961
Bolt Deacon 1451394
Bolt Felix 1451436
Booker Alexandra 1541686
Booker William 1447740
Brabant Louis 1449902
Bradley Benjamin 1447598
Bramwell Cole 1371350
Bramwell Jared 1371266
Bramwell Logan 1371273
Breen Cooper 1370005
Brewster Tomi 1374576
Brial Joe 1542315
Brial Sam 1542322
Brial Toby 1542336
Brinkmann-Kroemer Harry 1527330
Brinkmann-Kroemer Luke 1527323
Briscoe Azaria 1479121
Briscoe Caelan 1479135
Briscoe Cybella 1479128
Briscoe Hylton 1479114
Britton Benjamin 1542816
Brown Evie 1468870
Brown Finn 1468877
Brown Hagen 1468884
Brown Henry 1539932
Brown Jaxon 1440982
Brundell Ashley 1547877
Buchanan Ella 1538741
Buchanan Jaxon 1538748
Buchanan Louis 1373850
Bulling Alex 1394167
Bulling Sophie 1479928
Burnell James 1450389
Burns Anderson Oscar 1368363
Burt Tayla 1432406
Busst Jack 1433180
Byers Benjamin 1468905
Bygate Rourke 1537873
Cajelli Bregante Matias 1390867
Cameron Jahn 1382778
Cameron Scout 1382904
Campbell Benjamin 1532291
Campbell Blake 1482064
Campbell Blake 1545283
Campbell Lachlan 1447296
Campbell Matthias 1447269
Campbell Sophie 1482079
Campbell-Tate Lachlan 1497394
Canina Brisa 1373822
Canina Luan 1373815
Carian Oliver 1546646
Chai Audric 1552688
Challoner Tyler 1541028
Chater Sage 1451076
Cheifetz Aleksandr 1447262
Cheifetz Nicolas 1476033
Childs Oscar 1549852
Ciro Sam 1466174
Clark Samuel 1540785
Clarke Andie 1380760
Clarke Cilla 1372674
Clarke Conor 1467352
Clarke Harvey 1382287
Clarke Liam 1432814
Clarke Merlin 1522400
Clayton Keegan 1379500
Collin Nieve 1381411
COLLIN Reece 1525750
Collins Jaxon 1545959
Colmore-Williams Jett 1497415
Comrie Miles 1526377
Conway Giselle 1449798
Conway Louis 1369766
Conway Raphael 1369956
Cook Jack 1376488
Coombe Patrick 1439618
Cordelle Emma 1447831
Cordelle Matthew 1393459
Coudret Dylan 1380817
Coudret Leon 1380810
Cox Fehn 1450455
Crichton Jasmine 1371216
Crichton Luke 1371104
Croft Nico 1557057
Crow Campbell 1449831
Crow Mitchell 1449822
Culling Joshua 1454095
Daish Lucas Michael 1382981
Davies Finley 1447697
Davies Harvey 1370224
Davis Peter 1485570
Davis Sam 1485563
Davy Daniel 1541301
De Fleuriot La Coliniere D’ArtagnanHo 1497204
De Souza Daniel 1396067
Deaker Cooper 1476421
Deavoll Indy 1405501
Deavoll Phoenix 1405494
Deeman Lewis James 1439179
Delaney Brian 1391073
Devlin Leo 1375385
Diaz Valentina 1393779
Dickson Emmerson 1541650
Dix Tama 1541657
Dixon Zachary 1444031
Dkk Jldi 1501464
Doe John 1436459
Donnelly-Davey Austin 1540393
Donnelly-Davey Evers 1541316
Dowling Britton 1396991
Dowling Katie 1560284
Dowling Oliver 1416497
Duffy Kerys 1485989
Dunn Lachlan 1543148
Dunn Olivia 1543155
Ebbinge Jan 1447009
Ebbinge Willem 1377332
Edwards Josh 1381043
Evans Nicholas 1539051
Exon Daisy-May 1448034
Farrell Quinn 1382890
Fernandez Alberto 1419878
Fernandez Jordan 1447789
Fernandez Reon 1499094
Fiebig Jesse 1562656
Figueroa Varas Rodrigo 1540992
Finnigan Jake 1479051
Finnigan Morris 1479058
Fitzgerald Riley 1557050
Fleming Maaka 1467856
Fletcher Charlie 1369844
Fletcher Taite 1369837
Forbes Jack 1467613
Ford Blake 1548584
Forrest Finlay 1379355
Forster Aliyah 1406825
Forster Koby 1387996
Forsyth Jensen 1439950
Freeman Archie 1480199
Freeman Freddie 1382875
Freeman Rosie 1369413
Fromont Hunter 1485077
Gaboda Jamie 1498009
Galasso Darian 1447227
Gallie Jack 1448019
Gallie Toby 1448026
Gardner Elliot 1388515
Gardner Joshua 1391113
Gardyne Brayden 1494438
Gardyne Mitchell 1452117
Garrett Joshua 1440194
Gerard Charlie 1384824
Gerard Joel 1385013
Gerken Jak 1436259
Gimenez Felix 1486695
Glanfield Daniel 1528927
Gordon Aidan 1433125
Gore Jacob 1368909
Gubb Harvey 1546208
Gurnsey Cole 1417849
Gurnsey Raine 1541888
Guy-Wilson Brendon 1553365
Hadida Benjamin 1364053
Hall Joshua 1447768
Hall Stefan 1379585
Hamilton Amelia 1381383
Hamilton Dominic 1525123
Hamilton Riley 1434046
Hamilton Ruby 1432121
Happs Ben 1515780
Happs Tom 1541090
Harding Chris 1364051
Harris Josh 1383658
Harris Loki 1433857
Harris Tyler 1433852
Harrison Logan 1370688
Harrison Samuel 1418570
Havala Lukas 1395291
Hawthorne Kyle 1390894
Hazell Dylan 1433178
Hazell Ethan 1433176
Heal Jesse 1447824
Healey Max 1382508
Henderson Georgia 1485946
Henderson Lillian 1485960
Henderson Scarlette 1419183
Henderson Steven 1397358
Herrmann Carlos 1396442
Hewson Adam 1364716
Hiatt Ben 1477606
Hiatt Lilli 1461500
Hibbett Ara 1481513
Hibbett Flynn 1484702
Higuchi Ryuya 1371160
Hill Joshua 1433957
Hines-Cavanagh Harry 1439981
Hines-Cavanagh Toby 1439988
Hines-Townsend Josh 1542752
Hinze Edward-Dominyk 1447303
Hirokawa-Berry Rocky 1541181
Hirokawa-Berry Taimu 1447234
Hodge India 1371329
Hodgson Hugh 1368531
Holden Seth 1382757
Hollebon Bryce 1444786
Hollebon Irihapeti 1368754
Hollebon Kayde 1420547
Hollebon Rihari 1368761
Hood Stone 1449669
Horand Barnett Xavier 1384752
Hourston Ayesha 1547084
Hourston Zac 1440122
Howick Edward Tyler 1384838
Hughes Wil 1468975
Husheer Finley 1440040
Husheer Hugo 1440047
Husheer William 1370122
Hutchins Jake 1525735
Hutchins Jesse 1546552
Hutton Luke 1452918
Hyland Keegan 1550457
Hyndman Finn 1499065
Hyndman Maibritt 1486716
Hyndman Milo 1499072
Innes-Jones Aidan 1387025
Ireland Cooper 1467096
Isaac Eleanor 1372414
Ishibashi Ami 1541766
Ishibashi Ryusei 1400329
Jacques Jacob 1543504
James Jack 1549586
James Oliver 1397365
Jamieson Jaxon 1432067
Januszkiewicz Luke 1447471
Jeffery Daniel 1497969
Jensen Riley 1440882
Jessop Georgie 1525054
Jimenez Andrea 1391107
Johnson Luke 1439923
Jones Claire 1396591
Jones Isabella 1404845
Jones Riley 1500294
Judkins Callum 1542274
Judkins Liam 1525075
Kaihe Keanu 1380610
Kampman Hamish 1542154
Kay Mitchell 1468988
Keenan Harley 1527959
Kemp Jack William 1545865
Kennedy-Brown Cameron 1379781
Kent Jordan 1554787
Kerr Ted 1469022
Key Sasha 1541939
Key Zachary 1432192
Kirk Luca 1384191
Kirk Oliver 1496317
Kirk Ollie 1384184
Kirkpatrick Colin 1541414
Knowles Thomas 1381369
komene kai 1447775
Korani Frankie Mace 1439909
Kumar Jan 1390809
Kumar Nishil 1375893
Kuroe Haru 1377879
Lamond Kaito 1379241
Langford Matthew 1468324
Larsson Lucas 1434012
Larsson Allen Moki 1557020
Larsson Allen Reo 1557030
Lawn Dominic 1468152
Lawn Patrick-Kees 1470299
Lawn Sylvan 1468038
Lawton Nicholas 1386244
Lazor Kyra 1384957
Lazor Sophia 1384831
Lee Frederick 1384015
Lee Frederick Freddie 1435770
Lee Jungho 1549537
Legge Sam 1384774
Lehnert Carl 1524009
Lelievre Dylan 1550594
Light Charlie 1539224
Lightfoot Harrison 1450297
Little Ella 1532776
Little Indigo 1531944
Little Indigo 1538975
Little Sam 1489877
Lock William 1447255
Lynott David 1391046
Mackenzie Hatten 1479858
Macnamara Joshua 1506544
Macquet Lukas 1416279
Maglaras Isaac 1369332
Makuta-Brownlie Enso 1370563
Malone Niall 1395370
Manulea Nafetalai 1530167
Marsh Jack 1508050
Martin Isabella 1381965
Martin Maisie 1381972
Martin Thomas 1456539
Martin Tom 1557439
Martins Leo 1435688
Matthewman Lawrence 1390928
Matulino Theodore 1451237
Mawhinney Mitchell 1447718
Mawhinney Seth 1447711
May Benjamin 1479259
May Joshua 1479266
Mayers Finn 1381272
McAuliffe Ben 1500337
McAuliffe Zac 1497962
McChlery Lukas 1382624
McCulloch Jason 1542567
McDonald Bayley 1499005
McDonald Benjamin 1499058
McDonald Max 1447704
Mcdonald Quinn 1370341
Mcelrea Dylan 1541903
Mcelrea Jackson 1541894
Mcgarty Rose 1391079
McHugo Theo 1498575
McIlroy carly 1562663
McIlroy Wattam Carly 1549870
McIntyre Kieran 1426511
McIntyre Regan 1476335
McKae Tayler 1557065
Mckinney Luke 1431460
McLean Harrison 1369780
McLean Madi 1436031
McLeod Angus 1501594
mcmaster harlem 1529959
McRae Cody 1483718
McVicar Harry 1439213
Mead Daniel 1370938
Meehan Lukas 1384936
Meehan Percy 1544713
Meehan Thomas 1379678
Melgren Ally 1546318
Melgren Chloe 1562509
Melgren Cody 1546325
Melville Bede 1432282
Melville Joshua 1434274
Meskauskas Aidan 1501389
Meskauskas Hallum 1369627
Meskauskas Miller 1501419
Mewburn Kai 1372567
Millan Luna 1544397
Millan Marcus 1501694
Mitchell Alexander 1546764
Mitchell Naomi 1447220
Moffatt Alfie 1380486
Moffatt George 1370760
Monnier Henri 1379592
Moodley Mandela 1375677
Moore Matthew 1485396
Moorey Moritz 1372386
Moorey Moritz 1382994
morales sebastian 1547980
Morganty Guy 1504965
Morganty Matthew 1433931
Moroney Campbell 1526399
Moroney Justin-Li 1377933
Morphett Ethan 1546693
Morphett Kieran 1420379
Morrison Paige 1382798
Munday James 1390942
Murray Alex 1447887
Murray Jesse 1447754
Muta Issei 1379049
Myers Francis 1546785
Neilson Harriet 1538796
Nelson Maximilian 1481694
Nicoll Felix 1409059
Nipper Benjamin 1482722
Nipper Samuel 1482729
Novacek Noah 1546383
Nunez Tommy 1370680
O’Donnell Quinn 1436221
O’Donoghue Max 1541760
Officer Zayn 1391019
Olliver Imogen 1366987
Orr Alexander 1379070
Orr Louis 1379063
Paetz Emma 1504093
Parker Griffin 1448938
Parker Sebastian 1447276
Parsons Lucien 1485392
Parsons Sebastien 1479900
Patton Harry 1527321
Pearson Charlie 1383015
Pearson Jack 1383165
Pedley Oliver 1450957
Perry Josh 1543205
Pickens Brodie 1379362
Pinto Jayden 1380830
Pomare Celeste 1390738
Poole Alexander 1545255
Pope Lacey 1399146
Pope William 1369102
Poullet-osier Mateo 1450369
Prasad Rohil 1455762
Prasad Ronil 1455754
Pullar Oscar 1568830
Purdon Harrison 1388371
Pye Callum 1447796
Quinn Aran 1370238
Quinn Cara 1370231
Quirk Jonathon 1391066
Rainbow Alex 1525103
Rainbow Luke 1433687
Ramsay Harry 1381431
Rasmussen Bryn 1532458
Rasmussen Liam 1439854
Reddell George 1363902
Reddell Lincoln 1541879
Redden Nick 1441336
Reed Harrison 1479065
Reed Lottie 1546665
Reedy George 1449931
Rees-Dalley Louis 1499304
Rees-Dalley Otis 1499318
Reid Tamzyn 1436252
Reid Thornton 1366883
Retamal Gomez Nicholas 1391012
Reuss Carlos 1545118
Richards Thea 1546778
Richardson James 1547077
Richens Seth 1376344
Ries Jan-di 1447605
Ries Ju-hwan 1439576
Rios Diaz Valentina 1541924
Ritchie Archie 1447781
Ritchie Linus 1370624
Ritchie Olive 1371098
Robinson Alice 1539742
Rod Joshua 1447690
Rod Noah 1543949
Rogers Harrison Euan 1440741
Rogers Holly 1379613
Rogers Sam 1379621
Rowley Dylan 1547772
Ryall Cameron 1447726
Ryall Hannah 1447733
Ryder Che 1383935
Ryder Louis 1383928
sami kennath 1569112
Sanderson Oliver 1533963
Santos de Oliveira Vinícius 1369990
Saunders Hyugo 1373321
Saunders Nero 1376026
Saxon Emma 1545695
Schiele Carlo 1487075
Schiele Oskar 1369145
Schmitz Baker 1376066
Schreiber Ben 1541722
Schreiber Sarah 1541729
Scobie Cameron 1496013
Scoles Alex 1458015
Scoles James 1458008
Seda Petr 1364149
Shallcrass Boston 1486121
Shannon Jacob 1543898
Shaw Jamie 1537851
SHAW Jordie 1537866
Shaw Mia 1537859
Shaw Zaryd 1432404
Sheehan Casey 1371084
Sheehan Saxon 1371071
Simon Mia 1431227
Sinclair Harriet 1382832
Sinclair Lucy 1382988
Sinclair Max 1383022
Skala Savin 1368614
Slater Jake 1380755
Small Henry 1380482
Smillie Jack 1443266
Smillie Violet 1441958
Smith Mitchell 1378022
Soares-Canina Brisa 1431400
Soares-Canina Luan 1431394
Souness Amarni 1500856
Souness Harper 1498016
Spary Felix 1478346
Spary Oscar 1478332
Speakman Will 1488003
Spence Lochlan 1412640
Spice Oliver 1440018
Spicer Cameron 1368538
Stanton Samuel 1441105
Staples Sam 1368237
Statham Jason 1384615
Stratulat Alex 1379490
Struthers Jessica 1395914
Sudan Gian 1447747
Sudan Jagan 1418469
Swaffield Cooper 1366085
Swaffield Johnny 1366550
Tasker Luke 1527728
Theron Luc Jacques 1376109
Thomas Harry 1447683
Thomas Jasper 1447676
Thomas Phineas 1447248
Thompson Jake 1541836
Thompson Josh 1541664
Thompson Liam 1540700
Thompson Olivia 1447803
Thompson Skye 1538826
Thoren Anna 1388509
Timms Nixon 1440052
Tolcher Connor 1390803
Tomkins Finlay 1440348
Tomkins Simon 1439943
Topliff Ryley 1384978
Topp Hunter 1468317
Townsend Kai 1435632
Townsend Luka 1469329
Tristan Bryant 1546771
Trounce Jack 1368399
Turner Alexander 1447872
Turner Jake 1447879
Tyler Austin 1468207
Uenishi Hayato 1405715
Valle Dos Santos Davi 1384913
van Asch Charlie 1548409
van Asch Piet 1548416
van der Camp Maximilian 1545909
van Kruchten Inge 1390483
Van Leeuwen Regan 1384928
van Schreven Daniel 1541230
Van Zuylen Art 1448103
Vasquez Ramirez Ana 1390683
Verschuur Hidde 1390468
Viana Josh 1499051
Viggers Kane 1408519
Vollmer Ila 1548234
Waggett Harry 1434602
Walker Brooklyn 1375007
Walker Ethan 1365772
Walker Tristan 1375034
Wall Felix 1380858
Wallace Hugo 1525061
Wallace Isobel 1525068
Wallace Zac 1381506
Wallace-Blakely Simon 1529331
Wallis Finn 1434432
Walton Liam 1395327
Wandel Dominika 1390779
Waring Danny 1469812
Waters Hamish 1368525
Waters Olivia 1542161
Weber Flynn 1376095
Weber James 1376074
Weber Ruby 1376052
Webster Ricky 1369851
Wells Ashton 1375136
Wells Braden 1375143
White Ashton 1436328
White Dylan 1538782
White Hannah 1447810
White Shou 1546625
Whitewoods George 1367374
Whitmarsh Jamie 1380624
Whitmarsh Jamie 1537823
Wikstrom Henry 1542080
Wikstrom Wilem 1543145
Wilkins Spencer 1544484
Wilkinson Jessica 1379180
Willard-Squire Logan 1546580
Williams Benjamin 1498407
Williams Cameron 1376177
Williams Cato 1382362
Williams Fynn 1523981
Williams Harley 1497801
Williams Jack 1369197
Wilson Beckham 1388770
Wilson Carlos 1545516
Wilson Tobin 1444653
Wise Keira 1425326
Woods Matthew 1541223
Wright Daniel 1447207
Yeo Quinn 1382825
Yoneto Hayato 1447761
Yoneto Tasuku 1489998
Yoshikane Alex 1490112
Yoshikane Lucas 1490105
Young Aiden 1447283
Young Finley 1500308
Zac McAuliffe 1369963
Zuban Jessica 1414784

Football Camps and Clinics

The April football camps have been canceled due to lack of registrations.

Notice of future football camps will be posted here, our facebook page and an email sent to our membership.







Southern United Academy

Please click on the link  below for information in relation to the Southern Utd Academy 2018 for GIRLS.


INFO for SUA Girls Programme

This programme is for Girls born (2002s, 2003s – 16s) and (2004s, 2005s – 14s).

 *** Registration Link for Trials below ***

Southern United Academy:

The Southern United Academy is the new Talent Development Programme (TDP) in the Football South region replacing the previous FTC programme. The SU Academy Girls Programme will be lead by Southern Utd Womens Head Coach Terry Parle, alongside Terry, FDOs and additional qualified coaches from around the Football South region will assist with coaching the x2 squads.

Identified players at each age group will be selected from all around the Football South region to be a part of the SU Academy Programme. The aim is to select identified and enthusiastic players to squads of 16-26 players at each age group (see below list of age grades) to train together in a high-quality environment & play matches against quality opposition on a regular basis throughout the year leading to National Age Group Tournament in December 2018 (Dec 12th – 16th).

Once selected, SU Academy players will train on selected dates, alongside the best players in their age group enabling them to learn and develop in a competitive and challenging environment. We want to improve the quality of our players across all levels of the game, leading to a higher quantity of players realising their potential from the Football South region. Players will be expected to attend ALL sessions and matchdays when selected to the SU Academy. We recognise there may be occasional clashes and other pre-planned commitments i.e. family occasions, school trips etc. If this is the case players shall be excused but the player MUST inform the head coach well in advance. If a player continually misses sessions and matchdays for other commitments, they will be released from the SU Academy. We need to be clear in communicating the Southern Utd academy is not a pick and choose opportunity, players are expected to attend all sessions and when and where they are unavailable this should be communicated to the coaching staff as early as possible.

SU Academy – What’s New ? *Full Schedule to be confirmed*

Federation wide squads (e.g. NAGT squads year-round).
Regional wide training programme, with sessions in all regions of Football South.
Extended football season, covering 4 terms of the calendar.
1day sessions, day camps and travel opportunities throughout the year.
Increased number of high quality matches throughout the year instead of numerous FTC training sessions with no match opportunities.
An increase in training/ contact hours.
Physio support.
Additional player development support
Player and Parent workshops.
Strength and Conditioning support.

Selection Process:

There are 2 ways for players will be selected for the SU Academy

1: Attend at least 1 of the 3 Trial dates to gain selection, or (we encourage attending as many trial days as possible)

2:Players may be identified throughout the year and invited onto the programme from Club or School teams or Regional Development Centres.


Players may ‘enter’ and ‘exit’ the Academy squads over the course of the year depending on many factors e.g. players spotted in club games or regional centres may be asked to join the academy, players with poor attendance, bad attitude or lack of engagement may exit the academy. In addition to this selection process, SU Academy coaches will be observing club games, school games over the course of the season and linking in with the Regional Development Programmes throughout the federation

Regional Development Programmes:

Queenstown: Jamie Whitmarsh

Wanaka: Ian Bell

Southland: Ignacio Sande

South Canterbury: TBC

Otago: Tessa Nicol

The Girls Academy age groups are as follows:

Girls – 16s & 14s (girls born in 2002, 2003s & 2004, 2005s)

What will be the ‘make-up’ of selected squads?

The squads selected will be balanced position specific squads e.g. a balance of Goalkeepers, Defenders, Midfielders and Attackers. The selection staff will also look to ensure a balance of right: left footed players and we will also assess the month of birth breakdown within each squad.
Players may be asked to play in different positions throughout trials and within the programme.

*** Trial Registration Link ***



Day/ Date: Time Activity: Venue:

Sunday, April 29th 09:30 – 11:30 Session/ Trial 1 Logan Park, Dunedin (meet at Union St dressing rooms at 09:00-09:15)

Saturday, May 5th 10:00 – 12:30 Session/ Trial 2 Wanaka Rec Centre (meet at Wanaka Rec Centre dressing rooms at 09:30-09:45)

Sunday, May 13th 09:30 – 11:30 Session/ Trial 3 Logan Park, Dunedin (meet at Union St dressing rooms at 09:00-09:15)

We encourage players to attend as many of the trial opportunities as possible, we expect all players to attend at least 1 of the trial dates on offer.


Please NOTE:

1: The schedule for the girls programme will be distributed when squads are selected, please see the information below as to the provisional schedules. When we have completed the trial process and we’re fully aware of both the number of players and location they live we’ll then distribute a schedule.

We would like to run with x2 groups (14s and 16s) with each group having 20+ players, however if the numbers registering are low we’ll be committing to running this programme that might be with x2 smaller groups or x1 combined group – please spread the word and encourage interested players to register and attend trials.

Schedule/ Cost:

April & May: x3 Trial Sessions

June – Sept x7 Sessions (Sundays) & x1 3day/ 2night Camp in July School Holidays (Dunedin via billet)

Cost: $250 per player for phase 1 (until Sept 15th/16th)

Central Otago based Players:

Central Otago based players;

encouraged to attend the Central Otago trial date (May 5th).

As the majority of Central Otago players will play Sunday football (in COFA league and with Queenstown AFC) we are happy that you attend only the Saturday trial session in Wanaka – please indicate this on the registration form – Thank You.

Once squads are confirmed we’ll assess the number of Central Otago players selected.
Central Otago players will continue to train and play in COFA/ Queenstown AFC until their season has finished, when and where possible attending Academy sessions. Its expected that the Central players would attend the Camp in July. On confirmation of squads we’ll engage with parents to find the best fit for players within Central with a clash of matchday.

If you require any further information contact Paul O’Reilly – details below


Paul O Reilly



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