Keen for a SOUTH ISLAND TOURNAMENT with your mates in the same age group? Register now for a COFA S/I tournament team (reps)

We have coaches for most of the teams but are still looking for a U 14 coach. Please let us know if you want to coach this team ASAP. 

COFA will try to send teams to all tournaments. For those who participated last year, you will be aware that Representative Football had a question mark over it both in terms of it’s value to the sport, and where it fits into the pathway for talent within New Zealand Football. Representative football only exists in the South Island and has not been a part of North Island football for some time. Following last years tournaments, Football South and Mainland Football decided, in consultation with New Zealand Football, to end representative football within the South Island, and open it up to Club football. This approach will likely also follow suit at the National Football level as well (the current ISPS Handa Premiership, or New Zealand Football Championship).

COFA’s philosophy is to provide the best opportunities for all players throughout our region by providing higher level coaching and tournament experiences. Regardless of regional policy, in the past two years, COFA has still fielded REP teams involving all Clubs at all age groups. In 2019 the only change to this policy will be that COFA will consider entering more teams if the need requires whether this is through more actual REP teams or by entering Club age group team. The decision for Clubs to have a team or to have a traditional ‘COFA’ team, will be made by COFA on an age grade with consultation with the Clubs.

In all cases, Southern United Academy Players (boys) will not be eligible to play for these teams, as per Southern Academy policy. Southern United Academy Players (girls) are allowed to play REP football.  

If you have any questions please email

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