Privacy Policy

This Policy describes how Queenstown AFC (QAFC) collects, uses and discloses personal information and also explains your rights and how to contact QAFC. QAFC is committed to protecting your personal information in accordance with the Information Privacy Principles (Principles) of the Privacy Act 2020 (Act).
This Policy also describes your personal information protection rights, including a right to object to some of the processing which QAFC carries out.
Personal information is any information about an identifiable individual. This Policy applies to personal information collected from and about members and any other person whose personal information QAFC may collect from time to time.
Please read this Policy carefully. This Policy explains:

  • what kind of personal information QAFC collects;
  • where QAFC collects personal information from;
  • how QAFC uses personal information;
  • how QAFC stores personal information;
  • how QAFC may disclose your personal information;
  • how you can access/amend your personal information;
  • how long QAFC holds personal information;
  • who you can contact for further information; and
  • how you can make a complaint for breach of Principles.

From time to time, QAFC may review and update this Policy – for example, to reflect changes to the law, technology or our structure. You should check the version of this Privacy Policy available on our websites periodically to read about any updates.

Summary of how QAFC uses your Personal Information

QAFC uses your personal information to administer your online and offline relationship with QAFC, to manage the safety and security of QAFC’s venues and events to comply with QAFC’s legal obligations and to provide you with QAFC’s products, services and other offerings. Some of this information will be provided by you, and others will be generated by QAFC or provided by third parties.
QAFC’s websites may provide interactive features that engage with social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you use these features, these sites will send QAFC personal information about you.
QAFC uses cookies and other tracking technologies to personalise content and advertising and to make QAFC’s content function better.

Where QAFC relies on your consent, such as for direct marketing purposes, or to place cookies, you can withdraw this consent at any time, by directly contacting QAFC.

Section 1: What Personal Information QAFC collects

1.1. In the course of its operations, QAFC may collect, use and disclose the personal information of players, administrators, participants and other individuals for the purposes of governing, administering and promoting of the sport of football in New Zealand, as further described in this Policy. QAFC may also collect, use and disclose details of other people who come into contact with QAFC such as suppliers, subcontractors and other service providers, sponsors, advertisers, agents, and businesses.

1.2 In each case, the precise nature of the collection, use and disclosure of personal information by QAFC depends on the services you request and receive from, and your interaction with, QAFC.

1.3 The types of personal information held by QAFC may include (but is not limited to) your name, address, phone numbers, email address (and any other contact details), date of birth, gender, occupation, nationality, country of birth, evidence of NZ parentage and, if required, grand parentage, passports, residency details, social media details. Depending on the services you receive from QAFC, QAFC may also collect and hold details of and about your participation history, your club and membership history as well as your emergency contact information, driver’s license details, details of the items ordered or purchased from QAFC, parent’s passports, parent’s employment history, and any other information as required by FIFA to prove eligibility such as Birth Certificates, Certificates of Citizenship, Academic information (including records or correspondence from your school), Visa and immigration information.

1.4 In certain circumstances, QAFC may collect information about your health. QAFC may use health information about you to ensure that football programmes in which you participate are run safely and in accordance with any specific health needs you may have and for insurance purposes. QAFC may also use health information as required by the QAFC Statutes, including medical and anti-doping testing and investigations.

1.5 In addition, QAFC may use de-identified health information and other personal information to carry out research, to prepare submissions to government or a government body or to plan events and activities. De-identified information is information which has been aggregated or otherwise de-identified so that it cannot be used to identify you or any other individual.

1.6 When you provide QAFC with personal information, this Policy will apply to the manner in which the information is collected, used, disclosed and stored by QAFC. If you chose not to provide certain personal information, QAFC may not be able to communicate with you. It may also affect QAFC’s ability to provide you with the products and services you require. For example, you may not be able to register to play football or participate in some of the activities on the QAFC network of websites (collectively, the QAFC Sites) if you do not provide certain personal information.

Section 2: Where QAFC collects your Personal Information

2.1 Personal information about you may be collected by QAFC from you or, where authorised by you, from a third party. QAFC uses forms, online portals and other electronic or paper correspondence to collect this information.

2.2 If QAFC provides online services to a child (under 18), QAFC will need parental/guardian consent for this, and may ask for a parent’s or guardian’s email address, in order to ask for consent.

2.3 For example, QAFC may collect personal information about you:
from the QAFC Sites;
when you provide it to QAFC when you register, or when you are filling in forms approved by QAFC from time to time (including when you register to play football, register for a coaching or refereeing course, or any other football event hosted by QAFC);
when you contact QAFC by email, in writing or otherwise;
when you engage with QAFC via social media;
when you subscribe to receive football related newsletters or other information;
when you enter a competition that is being conducted by, or on behalf of, QAFC;
when you request information from QAFC or provide feedback to QAFC in relation to an event, promotion or other activity through the QAFC Sites;
if you participate in football.

2.4 QAFC may also generate or collect personal information about you by itself or from third parties. In an online context, much of this is set out in section 6 (QAFC Sites, Cookies and Other Technologies). QAFC may also collect personal information about you from third parties, including:
an QAFC member, regional association, club and/or a competition administrator registered with QAFC from time to time (Football Administrators);
your representatives;
QAFC corporate partners, licensees, sponsors, suppliers and broadcasters (QAFC Partners);
from ticketing agents and event organisers, when you purchase tickets to a football related event;
when you login to a site or app (if applicable) using Facebook Connect you will be asked if you wish to share information from your Facebook account with QAFC. If you use a “like” or a “share” button for a feature on QAFC’s sites or apps, then the third party will share information with QAFC;
from vendors, when you purchase football related merchandise;
the organisations identified under section 5 (Disclosing Your Personal Information) below;
publicly available information (such as telephone directories or websites); and
commercially available mailing and marketing lists.

2.5 QAFC also receives information about individuals that the police or other sports stakeholders recommend or require QAFC to ban individuals from QAFC grounds.

Section 3: Using Your Personal Information

3.1 QAFC may use the personal information collected about you in a variety of ways, including:
the general administration of the game of football, including statistical analysis and research and player welfare (including sharing of such information with player club and regional association);
for sending you newsletters and other football related communications;
the promotion of the game of football, including the marketing to members by QAFC Partners of the game of football;
to verify your identity;
to ensure compliance with QAFC Statutes, including the administration and development of football;
to organise, conduct and promote football competitions, matches, programmes and other events (including for the purpose of distributing newsletters, providing information and making ticket offers);
to develop programmes, activities, events, products and services relating to football;
to provide you with information about QAFC products and services, including information about tickets, merchandise and special offers, or which QAFC reasonably believe may be of interest you;
to investigate and take action in the event that applicable laws or regulations are breached, including terms of admission and codes of conduct;
to carry out market research and surveys;
to contact you if you win a prize in a competition you have entered and to send the prize to you; and
any use that is reasonably apparent at the time the information is collected.

3.2 QAFC may also use the personal information collected about you:
to administer, manage and improve the QAFC Sites and to provide you with access to those QAFC Sites;
to ensure that content from the QAFC Sites is presented in the most effective manner for you and for your computer;
to allow you to participate in interactive features of an QAFC Site (if any), when you choose to do so;
for direct marketing communications from QAFC in relation to products, services, tickets, merchandise and special offers made available by QAFC or QAFC Partners. You will be able to opt-out of direct marketing at any time if you so choose, by utilising the unsubscribe feature on electronic marketing communications, or in the case of other direct marketing materials by contacting the QAFC Privacy Officer in accordance with section 11 below.
any use that is reasonably apparent at the time the information is collected.

Section 4: How QAFC stores your Personal Information

4.1 QAFC stores some personal information electronically through third party hosting provider, Cloudways. QAFC stores some personal information in paper form and on firewall protected servers.

4.2 QAFC will take reasonable steps to safely and securely store your personal information against loss, unauthorised access, disclosure, use, modification or other misuse.

Section 5: Disclosing Your Personal Information

5.1 QAFC may share your personal information with a Football Administrator that you have registered with or expressed an interest in, which may then use your personal information to administer the game of football and keep you updated with information about them.

5.2 QAFC may also share your personal information with third parties in relation to the operation of QAFC’s business including:
Fédération Internationale de Football Association and its members, including the Oceania Football Confederation;
the Drugfree Sport NZ, Sport New Zealand, and/or the New Zealand Olympic Committee and/or Commonwealth Games Associations;
QAFC’s insurers (if any and if necessary);
QAFC’s professional advisors, including accountants, auditors and lawyers;
third party service providers, suppliers and partners;
as required or authorised by law or where QAFC has a public duty to do so, including for purposes of safety and security; and
where you have consented to your personal information being disclosed to others.

5.3 If you receive a product or service from, or your information is otherwise collected by, an QAFC Partner or Football Administrator, the relevant QAFC Partner or Football Administrator may have a separate privacy policy which applies to their collection, use and disclosure of your personal information. You should refer to that privacy policy for further details about how the relevant QAFC Partner or Football Administrator may collect, process, use, store and disclose your information and how you can contact the relevant QAFC Partner or Football Administrator if you have any queries, or wish to make a complaint, about their handling of your personal information.

5.4 QAFC may appoint other organisations to carry out some administration, processing and other services on QAFC’s behalf. This may require QAFC to share your personal information with service providers who perform services based on QAFC instructions. QAFC service providers will not be authorised by us to use or disclose your personal information except as necessary to perform services on QAFC’s behalf or to comply with legislation.
5.5 QAFC requires third parties to use your personal information for the specific purpose for which it was given to QAFC and to protect the privacy of your personal information. QAFC will only disclose your personal information to third parties on the basis that such parties agree with QAFC to keep your information confidential.

5.6 If you do not permit the disclosure of some personal information as QAFC requests, QAFC may not be able to meet its legal obligations or may not be able to do business with you or register you as a member. If this is the case, QAFC will let you know.

Section 6: QAFC Sites, Cookies and Other Technologies

6.1 If you visit an QAFC Site, QAFC may record information such as your Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser type, Internet Service Provider (ISP), referring/exit pages, operating system, the QAFC Site pages accessed and any information downloaded. This information is used for statistical, reporting and website administration and maintenance purposes, including identifying usage trends, to track users’ movements around the QAFC Sites and to gather demographic information about QAFC users collectively.

6.2 Like many other websites, the QAFC Sites may use ‘cookies’ from time to time. Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored by your browser on your computer’s hard drive and they are used to record how you navigate an QAFC Site on each visit, including providing QAFC with information about who has seen which pages, properties and advertisements (including click through from emails), how frequently particular pages are visited and the most popular areas of an QAFC Site. QAFC may use cookies to enrich your experience of using an QAFC Site by allowing QAFC to develop and improve the QAFC Site to reflect your interests by tailoring what you see to reflect what QAFC has learned about your preferences during your visits to an QAFC Site. This will mean some of your stored browsing history can be accessed by QAFC.
Apple iOS and Android Devices (as applicable)
By accessing any QAFC application from these devices you consent to cookies being stored to your device (and other tracking technologies being used to read information from your device) for the following purposes: keeping you logged in, ensuring that an appropriate version of content is presented, analytics and advertising. Many of these cookies and technologies are essential to the operation of the application. It is not currently possible to opt out or remove these cookies (or prevent use of these technologies) from the device without deleting the application.

6.3 In addition to cookies, QAFC use Google Analytics and other tracking software including but not limited to Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter retargeting throughout the QAFC Sites to understand and optimise user experience and to improve QAFC advertising. This tracking software collects and analyses certain types of information, including cookies, IP addresses, device and software identifiers, referring and exit URLs, onsite behaviour and usage information, and other similar information. QAFC and the third party analytics service providers QAFC use may also use cookies to anonymously track and target advertising based on your browsing behaviour.

6.4 You do not have to accept cookies and can change your browser settings to prevent cookies being stored on your computer. But, if you do turn cookies off this will limit the service that QAFC is able to provide to you and may affect your visitor experience. For further information on cookies and how to switch them off see

6.5 QAFC Sites may also detect and use your IP address or domain name for internal web traffic monitoring and capacity purposes, or to otherwise administer the QAFC Sites. No personal information is obtained, rather the patterns of use by visitors to a website may be tracked for the purposes of providing improved service and content based on statistical review of aggregated user website traffic patterns.

6.6 In some cases QAFC and its third party service providers may use cookies and other technologies such as web beacons and JavaScript on an QAFC Site in connection with online services like banner advertising, website analytics and surveys to collect information about your use of an QAFC Site. The use of these technologies allows QAFC and its third party service providers to evaluate a user’s use of an QAFC Site, deliver customised advertising content, measure the effectiveness of the advertising and provide other services relating to website activity and internet usage. The services QAFC may use from time to time include Google Analytics, Nielsen, AdTech, and Facebook. You can find more details in the privacy policies for those services, including information on how to opt-out of certain conduct.

6.7 When QAFC sends you emails or other electronic messages, QAFC may record where you open the message and click on particular links. This helps QAFC better understand what information is of interest to you.

Section 7: Other Websites

7.1 To the extent that QAFC Sites contain links to sites operated by third parties, including other organisations, those linked websites are not controlled by QAFC and QAFC is not responsible for the privacy practices of the site operators.

7.2 Before you disclose your personal information on any linked websites or any website administered or maintained by QAFC, QAFC recommends that you examine the website’s privacy policy and terms and conditions of use.

Section 8: Protecting your Personal Information

8.1 QAFC takes the security of personal information seriously. QAFC has appointed a Privacy Officer to oversee QAFC’s management of personal information in accordance with this Policy and the Act.

8.2 QAFC takes reasonable steps to protect the security and privacy of your personal information. QAFC and its third party provider have security systems in place which are intended to protect your personal information from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure by the use of various methods including, for example, an IT system which ensures only authorised computers and employees are granted access to QAFC computer network and a security policy which controls what folders and files employees have access to. QAFC has directed its staff that personal information must be dealt with in accordance with this Policy and kept secure from unauthorised access or disclosure.

8.3 If you are considering sending QAFC any other personal information through an QAFC Site or other electronic means, please be aware that the information may be insecure in transit, particularly where no encryption is used (e.g. email, standard HTTP). Any transmission is therefore at your own risk. Once QAFC has received your personal information, QAFC will take reasonable steps to protect all personal information within its direct control from unauthorised access. If QAFC receives personal information about you which it did not request and which it does not reasonably require, QAFC may destroy or de-identify this information where appropriate.

8.4 Where QAFC has given you (or where you have chosen) a password which enables you to access certain parts of an QAFC Site, you are responsible for keeping this password confidential. QAFC suggests that you do not share the password with anyone and to change it regularly.

8.5 If you reasonably believe that there has been an unauthorised use or disclosure of your personal information, please contact QAFC.

Section 9: Disclosing Your Personal Information Abroad

9.1 QAFC will store personal information on data servers that are controlled by QAFC and are located within the geographical borders of New Zealand where reasonable possible. However, in some circumstances the personal information that QAFC collects may be disclosed to certain recipients, and stored at certain destinations, located outside New Zealand from time to time. For example, your personal information may be transferred outside of New Zealand if any of QAFC’s servers from time to time are located outside New Zealand or if one of QAFC’s service providers or suppliers is located in a country outside New Zealand. As at the date of this Policy, QAFC utilises a service provider and supplier in Croatia. QAFC may also disclose your personal information outside of New Zealand in accordance with section 5 (Disclosing Your Personal Information), including to facilitate the registration of a player by an international football association.

9.2 In all cases, by providing your personal information to QAFC or using QAFC’s services, you consent to the disclosure of your personal information outside New Zealand as set out in this Policy, and acknowledge that QAFC is not required to ensure that overseas recipients handle your personal information in compliance with New Zealand privacy law. However, where practicable in the circumstances, QAFC will take reasonable steps to ensure that overseas recipients use and disclose such personal information in a manner consistent with this Policy. You may have rights to enforce such parties’ compliance with applicable data protection laws, but you may not have recourse against those parties under the Act in relation to how those parties treat your personal information.

Section 10: Access to and Correction of Your Personal Information

10.1 QAFC takes all reasonable precautions to ensure the personal information that QAFC collects, uses and discloses is accurate, complete and up-to-date. However, the accuracy of that information depends on the information you provide. QAFC recommends that you let QAFC know if there are any errors in your personal information and keep QAFC up-to-date with changes to your personal information such as your contact details.

10.2 You have the right to ask for access to the personal information QAFC holds about you, and can request the correction or deletion of your personal data if it is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date. If you would like to do so, please contact the QAFC’s Privacy Officer to submit an enquiry to access the personal information QAFC holds about you.

10.3 If you provided your personal information via an QAFC Site, you can also update your personal information at any time by logging onto the relevant QAFC Site and submitting the updated information.

10.4 The rights set out in this Section 10 may be limited, for example if fulfilling your request would reveal personal information about another person, where it would infringe the rights of a third party (including QAFC’s rights) or if you ask QAFC to delete information which QAFC is required by law to keep or have compelling legitimate interests in keeping. Relevant exemptions are included in both the General Data Protection Rules and in the Act.  QAFC will inform you of relevant exemptions QAFC rely upon when responding to any request you make.

Section 11: Opting Out of Direct Marketing Communications

11.1 You can opt out of receiving direct marketing, messages or communications from QAFC at any time by following the unsubscribe instructions in the message sent to you. If you wish to unsubscribe from communications QAFC send you, you can also send an email to [email protected]

Section 12: How long QAFC holds your Personal Information

12.1 QAFC will keep your personal information only for as long as necessary to achieve the purpose for which it was collected.

Section 13: Changes to This Policy

13.1 QAFC may modify, alter or otherwise update this Policy at any time by publishing the new version of the Policy on the QAFC Sites. QAFC will indicate any changes by updating the date of this Policy. If you have any questions about this Policy, please contact the QAFC Privacy Officer using the details below.

Section 14: Contacting the QAFC Privacy Officer and Making Complaints

14.1 You may contact the QAFC Privacy Officer by writing to [email protected] or mail us at PO Box 2109, Wakatipu 9349.

14.2 You may complain about QAFC’s collection, use or disclosure of your personal information by contacting the QAFC Privacy Officer using the contact details above with your full name and contact details, together with a detailed description of the complaint. QAFC will respond to your complaint within a reasonable period of time and inform you of the next steps QAFC will take in dealing with your complaint. If QAFC is unable to resolve your complaint, QAFC will inform you of the steps available to you in those circumstances.