More sponsorship recognition

Last week we recognised all the companies involved in our Senior teams.
QAFC would now like to recognise the great sponsors working together with the club in our junior programmes.

Colliers work in both the Senior and Junior space and continue to provide us with financial support, they are on hand to provide the leading services for Queenstown real-estate.
Their knowledge is power and be sure to contact them when considering your next move –
Season 2021 gave the opportunity for companies to have some fun and name a team ! With the fun comes recognition of their great brands and here are some of the champion teams of 2021.

QAFC U10.3 Classic Builders – Stephen Goddard Regional Manager has kindly thrown his support into this classically named side. Classic builders have been building dreams, creating futures for kiwis for over twenty years.

QAFC U10.4 Fowler Homes – Owner Jason McGirr is a great supporter of community sport, he’s also pretty active in summer where he dons the whites of Queenstown Cricket Club. He also finds time to run a great company Fowler Homes who will guide you through your entire design and build process.

QAFC U12.1 Stirling Sports – Mark Dooley not only sponsors but also coaches this great bunch of kids. Mark can be seen at Wednesday training wearing the latest and sharpest sports labels. Whether it’s Vans, Adidas, Nike, Converse, Tommy Jeans or Champion head on down to Stirling Sports Five Mile.

QAFC U12.2 MJS Painters – Sam Mohammed puts his company name to this team. It’s not like watching paint dry with these kids, they decorate the field with sublime skills and brush off the opposition with ease. Sam and his award winning New Zealand Master Painters are only a short stroke away.
The 2021 Player of the day Vouchers have gone off the charts with three great local companies supporting us ….

Love Chicken Five Mile – Darren Lovell loves QAFC – QAFC loves Chicken – Organic Chicken and free range eggs…Boom !Lets change the World.

Fat Badger Queenstown – Matt Marsh the new owner has thrown is dough into the Player of the Day. Thanks Matt and we love those pizzas.

The Wolf Hospitality Group – This local crowd love to support community sport and offer up some great vouchers.
Our Game day BBQ is a great feature at QAFC home games, everyone knows that its focal point where all the movers and shakers hang out.

Bidfood supply our sizzlers and big shout out to Jeremy Sinclair and his team at Glenda Drive.

To our Football Community, if you can then lend some support to our supporters !



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