Register for 2022! (Closed)

Please note: Registrations for 2022 are now closed.

You can now register and pay right here on our website!
And it’s sooooo much easier than it used to be.

Just go to our registration page, select Junior or Senior and follow the prompts.

It’s really simple to do (give yourself 5 mins) and have a credit card handy for the payment.

It’s a vast improvement on previous years and we think you’ll find it a breeze – but if you have any troubles just send us an email and we’ll help you get it sorted.

Our 2022 Season Opener Email has also gone out to members. You can read it here:



  1. Louis Nicholson

    Hi, I’m keen to join a summer football team – is there anything happening at the moment? And how would I join

  2. len

    I have just moved to Queenstown and don’t really know anyone yet. Are there some weekend football clubs around? Other places I’ve lived have football leagues, where teams range from semi-competitive to mainly social.
    I’m a fairly fit 18 year old guy whose played rep football in north Queensland but often work out of town during the week. Just looking for some (social) weekend sport.


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