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In line with the commitment to offer more football sessions for our Junior and Youth players in 2023, we’ve run those extra sessions over the last month and we hope those extra sessions have been enjoyed by all the Junior and Youth players.

We have several new players that have joined for the first time, a number of players that have come back to the club after missing last year and also players that have many years of Queenstown Football behind them so we’re looking forward to the first game day on:

23rd April @ Wanaka, Kelly’s Flat Reserve, Aubrey Road, Wānaka 9305

Game day locations are here > https://queenstownfootball.com/our-teams#juniors

We’re now in a position to allocate players into teams in each grade and match coaches to those teams.

We have some amazing coaches that have volunteered their time over the last month (and in previous years), but we do also rely on parents to get involved with the coaching of teams and also game day co-ordination as well.

We therefore do urgently need more volunteer coaches at the following grades:







If we do not get additional coaches then we will have to make teams bigger than we would want too, which will ultimately reduce the playing time that each Junior gets on game days so your support is urgently needed.

We’re here to support and help new coaches (so don’t be afraid to stick your hand up) and if you can do any of the following please get in touch this week regardless of your experience:

  • Coach / Assistant Coach on Wednesday’s 4pm – 5pm until the end of June
  • Coach / Manage on Game Days (Sunday’s) from 23rd April
  • Ad-hoc assist in any of the above roles on either Wednesday or Sundays

Please get in touch [email protected]



  1. Mia Williamson

    Hi there, I am interested in coaching a football team this season as I am too old to play for the club. I will be 18 in May and would be happy to make a commitment to a team. I have done my level-one coaching in both cricket and football. I am able to communicate well and create coach/player relationships.

    • footballed

      Hi Mia, we’ll be in touch and would love to have you on the coaching team.


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