President’s Message for 2023

Hi everyone, 

For those who don’t know me, I’m Simon Couldstone and have recently been appointed as the new President of QAFC. 

I’ve been involved in football for many years both as a player, manager, coach and all of the roles in between that keep things moving in football clubs. 

I first got involved in QAFC in 2015 with my oldest son when I coached his under 8 team. This was in the days where QAFC had 5 under 8 teams and we played in one of two ability tiers of football in the COFA setting; Liam is a social player and unfortunately has dropped out of the game in recent years as opportunities to play in a ‘fun only’ space for teenage boys has diminished.  In 2020 I became a coach for the youngest Couldstone kid’s team; he’s the total oppositive of my oldest boy and wants to be pushed to the highest possible level. 

During my time coaching and being a parent this last season I’ve found myself feeling underwhelmed that this is all we have on offer for our kids.  I am also aware that the club has seen both costs and revenue heading in the wrong direction in recent years.  This has to be addressed quickly, and we intend to communicate in the coming weeks about new partnership and sponsorship opportunities that will hopefully help us to take the club forward, as the number one community club in the Whakatipu basin. 

Alongside me we have a fresh and eager new committee at QAFC; all of us looking to make a difference for our community through football.  We will get some additional comms out about the new committee members soon, however in the meantime we wanted to start dialogue for you to understand our intentions and aspirations for the club.

Some of the hot topics we will be addressing

  • Building on our membership numbers
  • Bringing more opportunties for girls to play
  • Getting schools playing against each other 
  • Providing more opportunities for social players  
  • Providing more coaching support for parents coaches (especially those who haven’t played before)
  • Building a community club where members feel part of something the whole year round

So, with lots to think about and not much time until we begin the season, now is the time for you to share your thoughts.

Please get in touch anytime on 021 314719 or [email protected]

Exciting times ahead, Merry Christmas!




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